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Lean Launchpad - FedTech

Lean Launchpad Students

The most hands-on class of your entire MBA career.

Engineers are great at creating new technologies, but not always the best at starting companies. MBA students have a great mind for business, but they need a product to sell. That's where the Lean LaunchPad course comes in.

Loyola University is partnering with FedTech, a company that has contracted with the Homeland Security Administration to commercialize their inventions and technologies, for Lean  Launchpad.

Through this innovative course, students work as consultants to a team of business people, entrepreneurs, and engineers as part of the FedTech commercialization program.  As consultants to the teams, students engage with the inventors, the team’s mentors and business coaches as their client-team explores how they can take the given technology to market.

Students learn how to identify different markets and industry applications for that technology, dig deep into those industries to determine trends and  future projections that might support or prohibit success in that particular market, and determine potential competitors, helping the team define the unique voallue proposition that provides their competitive edge.

Along with in-person instruction at Loyola, students participate in the FedTech program virtually via Zoom. Each week, the teams meet with their FedTech coaches and two other teams for a 1.5-hour evening training and update session.