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Undergraduate Programs

Students learn about entrepreneurship in a group setting.












30% of entrepreneurship is teachable. 70% of entrepreneurship is experiential.

At the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development, we can give you both through a variety of undergraduate programs.

Anyone can have a good idea - but it takes skill development and practice to turn that idea into a profitable venture. As one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs (Lending Tree, 2018), New Orleans is particularly well positioned to provide the hands-on, entrepreneurial experience students need to be successful after college. The extracurricular programs offered by the Center for undergraduate students offer a wide array of experiences that, when combined with course offerings, provide an innovation toolkit for students to turn their idea into a full-fledged business.

Programs include:

  • Innovate.Thursday, a weekly lunch and learn speaker series featuring innovators from New Orleans and beyond. From biotech to breweries, these are the people making cool happen, right here in the Gulf South.
  • Jump into the driver's seat with the Entrepreneurship Club and work with fellow students to expand your own ventures.
  • Show off what you've got at the Side Hustle Expo, a science-fair style competition for your side gigs.
  • Take your business idea to the next level at Wolf Pack LaunchU, an intensive incubator bootcamp, with $30,000 in non-dilutive seed funding up for grabs.